Book It Master Class

The Book It Master Class is the brain child of “The Writing Coach” Dr. Oliver T. Reid and “The Publisher” Mr. Kelly Cole. They created this master class to help Entrepreneurs, Speakers & Coaches become best selling authors and use their books as marketing tools to get more clients and speaking engagements.

Dr. Oliver T. Reid is a multi-bestselling and award-winning author, motivational speaker and creator of the M.I.L.K Writing System; a 4 step system that will help anyone write a book in 30 days or less. Dr. Reid has published 14 bestselling books, contributed to 10 anthologies, and has won multiple awards for his literary work, including the 2016 IALA Distinction of Excellence Legendary Honoree Award. Dr. Reid has been featured on HuffPost, Black Enterprise, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and other international media outlets.

Mr. Kelly Cole Known to most as “The Publisher” Mr. Kelly Cole is a 2X #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur. Born in the most notorious housing project in the world “Cabrini Green” in Chicago, IL, He went from working at Wal-Mart and Blockbuster and almost homeless to owning one of the fastest growing book publishing company in the US. Kelly has authored over 50+ paperback, audio, and e-books to date. He has been seen on NBC, FOX, ABC, The CW, Gospel Updates Magazine & more. In 2014 he was even elected in to the GrindMoves Hall of Fame. He has been labeled a Business Guru for his knowledge in book publishing and marketing that he has used to help people all over the world!

Attendees of this presentation will receive the tutelage from these best-selling authors, in the area of how to transform your personal stories into printed literary works. You will learn all about writing a book, knowing where to get started, or just needing the courage and motivation to do so, participaints can expect a life altering experience given from the words of Dr. Reid and Mr. Cole.

In this Masterclass You Will Discover:
– How To Get Your Book Out of Your Head Into Print
– Why Every Entrepreneur Should Have A Book
– How Everyday People Are Using A Book To Add 6-Figures To Their Bank Account
– How To Write A Book In 2 Weeks or Less
– The Steps To Publishing & Marketing Your Book To The Amazon Best Sellers List


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